Thursday, January 21, 2016

Medium Pressure Liquefier

The Medium Pressure Liquifier or MPL is the Liquifier of choice in present bulk plant designs. The MPL is a medium pressure liquefier and rated in tons of liquid per day.Thus, an MPL-3 can produce between 300 to 400 tons of liquid nitrogen per day.

The Liquefier consists of a feed gas compressor, a warm and a cold expansion turbine / booster compressor, A three or four zone heat exchanger.

Chapter 8 : Medium Pressure Liquifier

Argon Refinery : Cryogenic Air Separation

The low ration column priduces produces crude Argon with 1 to 2% Oxygen and from 0.1 to 3% Nitrogen . In this chapter you will know Argon refining to meet quality of end users.

Chapter 7 : Argon Refinery

Three Column Design - Oxygen Distillation

In the perciverance  of getting more yield from cryogenic Distillation of Air. Many pioneers worked in early nineties and following chapter the three Distillation column design for Oxygen production is explained.

 Chapter 5 : Three Distillation Column